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Month: June 2016

Make Your Home Safer For Your Child in 10 Easy Steps

HiViz Jack here again! When we were hunting for a new house, ‘Mrs Jack’ and I had certain criteria in mind. We wanted a nice garden, a garage and a shed. We decided we’d like an open fire, a period staircase, a house with character, wooden floors, high ceilings….. quite a checklist! But with hindsight […]

How CHAS Accreditation can lead to Business Success!

Here at HiViz Safety, we LOVE all things Health & Safety (well, most things!) and we like to remind you how important it is to have a robust Health & Safety regime for your business, large or small. But we’re bound to say that right? Wouldn’t it be great to hear how important Health & […]

Do you know your Phish from your Whale?

When you hear the words ‘Cyber Security’ what do you think of? Spoofing? Phishing? Even Spear-phishing? No, me neither! I immediately think of my bank account! So many high profile cases of breached internet security seem to result in the panic that a faceless thief has managed to escape with someone’s life savings. Then of […]

‘You’re The Boss’ – Ode to an MD by HiViz Jack

Bleep, bleep, bleep, surely not, could it be? Is that your alarm saying 6:23? Time to get up and start your routine, A wash, a brush and of course some caffeine!   Beep, beep, beep, is he beeping at you? It was certainly green and it’s clear to go through. Perhaps it’s someone you know […]