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Month: July 2016

The Health Benefits of Natural Skin-Care

HiViz Jack here! In my line of work, not surprisingly I come across chemicals quite often. They are present within most work places and can be categorized on a scale of high to low risk – from a highly toxic, highly flammable liquids right through to a mild, liquid soap used in staff toilets! It […]

The Story of HiViz Jack – Branding at it’s Best

HiViz Jack here! When HiViz Safety was but a twinkle in a Health & Safety Consultant’s eye, I hadn’t even been sketched! Imagine, a life with no HiViz Jack! Unthinkable, but true. The Founder of HiViz Safety knew from his extensive years in the Health & Safety industry that there were businesses in the UK […]

Your Simple Guide to Buying a Fire Extinguisher

Isn’t it funny how life turns out? When I was a boy I wanted to be an astronaut! “Not a Health & Safety Consultant?” I hear you cry! Funnily enough no, I just got lucky! But as 5 year old Jack, I had it all planned out. I used to stare at the neon star […]

Why YOU should be our next Guest Blogger

I thought I’d take this chance to write another little rhyme, But please do bear with me as it’s just my second time. I’ve set myself the task each week of writing a new blog, And now that poetry’s involved we call these ones a ‘Plog’.   My blog sure is evolving in many different […]