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Month: September 2016

10 Little Known Facts About …. Silos!

HiViz Jack here! Every day is a school day, as they say. Shall we all learn something new today? I for one know nothing about silos! You? Buchen-ICS are a Silo Cleaning company based in the UK, providing professional silo cleaning services and unlike other companies they specialise solely in one operation, solving bulk storage […]

15 Minutes That Could Save Your Life!

HiViz Jack here! It seems to me that barely a month passes where I don’t read in the news that a sports person has collapsed during training or competition, as Sudden Cardiac Death seems to be more prevalent, or perhaps more publicised than ever. It’s no surprise then that more and more professional and amateur […]

Why The Future of PPE is Bright!

HiViz Jack here! Health & Safety and PPE go hand in hand, so when I decided to produce a blog about Personal Protective Equipment I got very excited! And I’m not alone…. honestly, I’m not! Other businesses share my passion and enthusiasm for all things HiViz, one of which is Skanwear. They strive to ensure […]

HiViz Jack – The Competent Person

It’s time again for me to write another little ditty. I’ll keep it short and keep it clean and try to make it witty. Although the subject of my prose may not apply to you, There may be someone that you know that you could read it to.   Do you find Health and Safety […]