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Month: January 2017

Say ‘Aloe’ to Nature’s Great Health Products

HiViz Jack here! I’ve treated myself to a liitle ‘me time’ this week, and why not. We all deserve a little pamper every now and then! Over the last ten years there seems to have been a rise in the number of people choosing to go back to nature for their Health and Beauty products. I […]

Your 10 Most Burning Questions Answered!

HiViz Jack here! At HiViz Safety we like to make relationships with fellow Safety Professionals, especially those who have a specialist field. White Rose Fire Safety is a Yorkshire based fire safety company set up with the aim of providing businesses and home owners the best equipment and advice in order to minimise the risks […]

New Year, New Workplace!

HiViz Jack here! As we approach the end of January, how many of us have kept our New Years Resolution? This week Michael Palmer writes on behalf of defibshop about how we can ensure that the heart health of employees is high on our New Years Resolution list! “As 2016 draws to a close, 2017 starts […]

A Drink to Your Health

Happy New Year from me, Hiviz Jack and all the team at HiViz Safety! Of course a new year means different things to different people. For many it is a reason to improve, whether it’s lifestyle in general, work life, home life or indeed ones self. The New Year’s Resolution is often brought into play […]