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I’ve had a slight image change this week. I know I have an impressive wardrobe of outfits and a vast collection of accessories and props to accompany my wide variety of blog topics, but I think this week’s look has to be one of my favourites. And the blog topic this week is a perfect demonstration of how far reaching the topic of Health & Safety really is. Every single person in every business in every industry should be questioning their Health & Safety practices, ticking those boxes to keep themselves, their employees, their customers, their visitors and anyone who happens to walk past their premises safe.

This is exactly why I am able to invite the proprioter of Toxic Bunny, an alternative retail and body piercing studio to write for us, on the topic of Health & Safety.  This week Jenna Spencer tells us the top 7 measures she has in place to ensure employee and visitors to the shop are kept safe.

  • Single Use Needles

We use single use needles and we have a sharpes bin with orange lids to dispose of them in.

  • Disposable Gloves

We wear a new pair of gloves for every customer whether it’s for piercing or just to swap jewellery over, we always wear a fresh pair. As you can imaging we get through a lot of gloves!

  • Autoclave

We have a machine called an autoclave, this sterilizes jewellery and clamps for us to use.

  • Consent Forms

Every customer every time they get a piercing must fill in a consent form. This form asks questions regarding the health of the customer and simple things like have they eaten, so they are less likely to pass out during or after their piercing. We use their answers so we can ensure the best service is given.

  • Cleaning Sprays

We use cleaning sprays after each and every customer to ensure we have the cleanest environment possible for piercing. Our cleaning regime is paramount and the products we use eliminate a huge range of bacteria and viruses.

  • Staff Footwear

Our staff wear closed toed shoes as a preventative to any needles being accidentally dropped on toes!

  • Shop Safety

As we are also a retail store we also have all the ‘usual’ Health & Safety meaures that any shop has to adhere to. Ladder safety, wet floor signs, PAT tested appliances, mind the step signs and hazard tape on EVERYTHING!


Thanks Jenna.

Toxic Bunny opened in November 2009 and have since moved to larger premises to keep up with customer demand. They are based on Ravendale Street in Scunthorpe and also have a tattooist on the top floor of the store. To contact Toxic Bunny call 01724 854569 or visit their Facebook page.

Whether your business is piercings or polystyrene, tattoos or tourism, nose rings or nutrition HiViz Safety has a solution to suit your Health & Safety needs. Visit to check out our options and watch our new video!