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Month: July 2017

The Recipe for Good Food Hygiene

HiViz Jack here! You know how I like to ‘mix things up a bit?’ Well today I’d like to stir up the subject of Food Safety. This is a topic that affects us all, as employers, employees or of course as consumers! I have asked Adam Maidment who writes for Imperative Training, the largest independent […]

Getting Under the Skin of Cosmetic Chemicals

HiViz Jack here, just enjoying some ‘me’ time! In my line of work, not surprisingly I come across chemicals quite often. They are present within most work places and can be categorized on a scale of high to low risk – from a highly toxic, highly flammable liquids right through to a mild, liquid soap […]

A Colourful Guide to Fire Extinguishers

Fire Fighter Jack here! When I was a boy I wanted to be an astronaut! “Not a Health & Safety Consultant?” I hear you cry! Funnily enough no, I just got lucky in that respect! But as 5 year old Jack, I had it all planned out. I used to stare at the neon star […]

A Chemical Safety Culture in 5 Easy Steps

HiViz Jack here. I have dressed in my PPE especially for this week’s guest blogger. We have invited Tom Considine, Managing Director at Safety Storage Systems to remind us all why chemical safety is so important and to guide us through the 5 steps that workplaces could take to achieve a chemical safety culture.   The […]

The Return of the Silent Summer Killer!

HiViz Jack here and no, I haven’t taken up writing Agatha Christie style novels. Even though my blog title sounds like a fictitious drama, this killer is very real and yet many of us still don’t take the precautions necessary to ensure we are safe from it. According to The Brain Injury Association there are […]