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Month: August 2017

Road Safety As Easy As A,B,C!

HiViz Jack here! It’s the last week of the school holidays here in North Lincolnshire and our little ones will soon be back in the familiar routine of term time. This includes for many a journey to school on foot, by car, bike or public transport. So it seems a good time to bring up […]

How Safe is YOUR Home? Checklist and Top Tips

HiViz Jack here! Do you like my outfit? This is my best Health & Safety look, complete with Personal Protective Equipment and of course my signature HiViz Vest. This is pretty typical gear to find in the workplace but surprisingly it isn’t a work environment where we are most at risk of an accident. According […]

The Future of PPE is Bright

HiViz Jack here! Health & Safety and Personal Protective Equipment go hand in hand, so when I decided to produce a blog about PPE  I got very excited! And I’m not alone…. honestly, I’m not! Other businesses share my passion and enthusiasm for all things HiViz, one of which is Skanwear. They strive to ensure […]