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Month: September 2017

10 Basic First Aid Kit Items

HiViz Jack here! Every workplace, home and car should have a basic first aid kit that is easily accessible in times of crisis. Depending on personal preference, a basic first aid kit can be bought preassembled or each item can be purchased individually. Regardless, there are basic items any first aid kit should include. So […]

HiViz Safety can be YOUR Competent Person

HiViz Jack here! Do you find Health and Safety tasks are a low priority? Perhaps you just can’t find the time to do them. Here at HiViz Safety we know it’s hard to juggle multiple business needs without a helping hand and that Health and Safety duties are not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why […]

A Sweeping Statement

HiViz Jack here! It’s that time of year again when the nights draw in, the temperature drops and we find it harder to give up the duvet in the morning. No more balmy evenings, barbeques or sun hats. It’s jumpers on, curtains drawn and a sudden obsession with baking and dancing on TV. What better […]