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Month: November 2017

Safety Testing of Drones

HiViz Jack here! I read with interest this week an article from BBC News relating to the safety testing of drones. It’s a great example of how the world of Health & Safety is ever changing. As technology developes Health & Safety professionals are met with new questions, fresh challenges and a variety of scenarios […]

Self Build Safety – The Facts

HiViz Jack here! According to recent studies, 8% of new homes in the UK are estimated to be self-built. As a first time project manager, how do you know you are adhering to Health & Safety Laws when undertaking such a project? Haldane Fisher is a builder’s merchant with branches all over Northern Ireland and […]

A Bright Future for Personal Protective Equipment

HiViz Jack here, actually this is Vester the Safety Bear! I don’t often admit to still having a Teddy at my age but me and Vester are like Safety and PPE – we are often found hand in hand! Personal Protective Equipment is one of the subjects I am most asked about both online and […]

What is COSHH and How Do I Do a COSHH Assesment?

HiViz Jack here! A back-to-basics style blog today! Y’know one of the things that puts people off getting stuck into the subject of Health & Safety is the jargon. There is nothing worse than thinking you’re entering into a world of abbreviations, acronyms and gobble-de-gook! So let’s strip back one of the most commonly used […]