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Risk Assessments Made Easy

HiViz Jack here…

Today I’m going to quickly run through one of the ‘bread and butter’ topics for all Health & Safety practitioners! We love them, you need them they are ….. Risk Assessments.

What is a Risk Assessment?

A Risk Assessment is a process conducted to identify all the significant hazards associated with the work you or your organisation does. It helps identify all those who may be affected by the hazards.

Part of the Risk Assessment process is to produce documentation whereby you list the controls you have in place (including any training) for each risk, estimate the level of Risk of Injury bearing in mind the controls you have (or don’t have) in place – and finally decide/document any further controls you may need.

When do I Risk Asess?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says risk should be assessed “every time there are new machines, substances and procedures which could lead to new hazards.” An employer should carry out a risk assessment:

  1. Whenever a new job brings in significant new hazards. If there is high staff turnover, then the way new staff do their work should be checked against the risk assessment, and training provided in safe working practices if necessary;
  2. Whenever something happens to alert the employer to the presence of a hazard – for example, an unusual volume of sickness absence, complaints of stress and bullying, or unusually high staff turnover
  3. In response to particular changes to the level of risk to individual employees – for example, where an employee returns to work after a period of long-term sickness absence;
  4. Where an employee is pregnant or breastfeeding and her work might involve a risk to her or her unborn child’s health and safety. (Regulation 16, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999).

What is the best way to document a Risk Assessment?

If you haven’t done a Risk Assessment before don’t worry. HiViz Safety can provide you with straightforward and easy to use software that will take you through each step of the Risk Assessment. You then simply download and print your Risk Assessment Report. You can also save, amend or update your Risk Assessments online leaving a clear, accurate audit trial.

Using HiViz Safety means that your documentation is bespoke to your specific company requirements, and far more detailed than you would be able to generate using Risk Assessment templates on various other websites – which usually have a ‘pay per document’ fee. Those costs can soon stack up! Take a look at our video then see below how you can get started.

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