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HiViz Jack here, in a state of meditation!

As we enter our third month growing our exciting new networking group the UK Business Tea Break Network on Facebook I have noticed an increase in the number of ‘Health and Wellbeing’ businesses applying to join our happy little band. And they are most welcome!

Our networking group has amongst it’s members Hypnotherapists, Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches, Nutritionists, Meditation Experts, Therapists and Counsellors all with the same aim – to help individuals stay healthy in mind and in body. This definitely seems to fall into the category of a growth industry and as consumers we are now putting more and more importance on our health, fitness and wellbeing than ever before.

According to this week’s Health and Safety news, this is a trend which is also being seen in the workplace. Employee health and wellbeing requires the same focus as safety, IOSH President Craig Foyle told delegates at the IOSH Middle East Conference last week. IOSH is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals. With over 46,000 members in 120 countries, they’re the world’s largest professional health and safety organisation.

According to the IOSH website, whilst opening the event on April 25th Mr Foyle said it is “great to see” a determination to ensure people’s health – both physical and mental – does not suffer because of work.

He went on to recognise that many top organisations already have effective health and wellbeing systems in place.

“It is vital,” he said, “that the health and wellbeing of workers is given the same prominence as their safety. There is a clear determination …. across the world, that workers remain healthy and to make sure their health isn’t harmed by work activities. There are many examples of top organisations that are leading the way and recognising the importance of health and wellbeing.”

Mr Foyle also acknowledged that keeping workers fit and well brings business benefits.

“In doing so, these organisations are reaping the rewards from having a motivated workforce and massively reduced absence levels. What organisation wouldn’t want this?”

If you’re interested in how you and your employees can benefit from Health and Wellbeing services, why not join the UK Business Tea Break Network and read all about these fantastic, helpful UK businesses. We invite UK businesses from ANY industry to join us for informal yet inspirational networking where we encourage promotion, the sharing of hints & tips and of course the drinking of tea and dunking of biscuits.

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