Accident Reporting Software

Fill in simple online questionnaires to produce Accident Reports and Investigations. Analyse your organisation’s accident rates.

Accident Reporting in the Workplace

Incidents can have serious implications and costs to the business including injury costs, lost time, repairs and in more serious cases loss of customer confidence. In order to learn from previous accidents and help avoid re-occurrence, accurate reporting and investigations are essential.

An accident can be defined as a number of incidents which would occur, including injury, fatality, fire, hazards, “near misses”, disease, security or environmental events.

Accident Report Book Template


Accident Report Book Template

It is important to report and investigate all incidents.

Arguably the most effective method is to report and investigate Near Misses as no injury or damage to property has occurred. Effective investigations will identify the contributory factors leading up to the Near Miss or any other incident. Additional controls can be put in place before further injury or damage to property occurs.

In more serious circumstances, incidents must be reported to the Enforcing Authority, such as The Health & Safety Executive (HSE). You can check and report these via the HiViz Safety System whilst recording the incident online.

The HiViz Safety Accident Reporting Module offers a number of ‘tools’ not only to record incidents in an online accident book, but also carry out an effective investigation with the sole aim of preventing reoccurrence.

All the reports including statistical analysis of the results can be downloaded and stored.