Disaster Recovery Policy Software

Follow the straightforward step by step system to produce a Business Continuity Plan that’s easy to create specific to your organisation.

Disaster Recovery Software

You only have to look at the newspapers to see the affects a fire, bomb threat or a flood has on a business. Some businesses never recover as many may not have suitable contingency plans in place.

Although there may be no injuries, many people may suffer because of the temporary or permanent loss of products or services the business supplies – from the business employees, through to customers, clients and suppliers.

Disaster Recovery Policy


Disaster Recovery Policy

HiViz Safety will help you through the straightforward process of safeguarding your business and should a disaster occur, you will have a practical Disaster Recovery Plan in place to help recover and continue with your business, with the minimum of disruption.

The HiViz Safety software advises a number of strategic steps that should be taken to help prevent a disaster occurring. This includes:

  • Identifying the threats to your business. These can be anything from bomb threats, lack of access to your site(s) to someone inadvertently digging up your communications cables.
  • Looking at viable options and the capacity to cope
  • Assessing the impact of each of the Threats
  • Identifying the resources you currently have and assessing the critical resources you need to restore a functioning business
  • Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Printing out your Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Rehearsing and learning from the initial Plan
  • Modifying the Plan if necessary
  • Periodically reviewing the Plan

The HiViz Safety Disaster Recovery section takes you through the essential and practical steps in compiling an effective Disaster Recovery Policy for your company. This step-by-step approach enables you to take control of events, and provides you with what you and your team need to get the company back on track.