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Government Introduces New Product Safety Office

HiViz Jack here! It’s great when I read a positive Health and Safety story in the news. Our industry is often given a bad press, painting us practitioners as the fun killers, the rule makers, the red tape wielding jobs-worths. Actually we are simply there to help keep people safe. Most of us want to […]

10 Reasons to Bootcamp in 2018!

Happy New Year from the team at HiViz Safety and Prosafe UK Ltd. I thought I’d start 2018 off with a spot of tennis! As is the case every new year, the buzz word is Health. How can I get healthier this year? How can I improve my fitness? Well one exercise regime that has […]

What is a Risk Assessment?

HiViz Jack here… ..with another one of my popular ‘back to basics’ blogs, this week lets talk about the bread and butter topic for all Health & Safety practitioners – The Risk Assessment. What is a Risk Assessment? A Risk Assessment is a process conducted to identify all the significant hazards associated with the work […]

Safety Testing of Drones

HiViz Jack here! I read with interest this week an article from BBC News relating to the safety testing of drones. It’s a great example of how the world of Health & Safety is ever changing. As technology developes Health & Safety professionals are met with new questions, fresh challenges and a variety of scenarios […]

Self Build Safety – The Facts

HiViz Jack here! According to recent studies, 8% of new homes in the UK are estimated to be self-built. As a first time project manager, how do you know you are adhering to Health & Safety Laws when undertaking such a project? Haldane Fisher is a builder’s merchant with branches all over Northern Ireland and […]

A Bright Future for Personal Protective Equipment

HiViz Jack here, actually this is Vester the Safety Bear! I don’t often admit to still having a Teddy at my age but me and Vester are like Safety and PPE – we are often found hand in hand! Personal Protective Equipment is one of the subjects I am most asked about both online and […]

What is COSHH and How Do I Do a COSHH Assesment?

HiViz Jack here! A back-to-basics style blog today! Y’know one of the things that puts people off getting stuck into the subject of Health & Safety is the jargon. There is nothing worse than thinking you’re entering into a world of abbreviations, acronyms and gobble-de-gook! So let’s strip back one of the most commonly used […]

6 Benefits of Online Asset Management

HiViz Jack here! The idea of businesses becoming completely paperless makes some employers (not to mention their employees) run for the hills, but it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing decision. Taken in bite sized tasks, paperless organisation can revolutionise a business and a great place to start is with physical asset logging […]

Top 5 Home Security Considerations – Burglar Proofing

HiViz Jack here! Welcome to the final week of National Home Security Month and our last installment of home and business security tips. This month we have covered the measures you should take to maximize Window and Door Security as well as providing tips on Security Lighting for your homes and businesses. Today we are […]

Top 5 Home Security Considerations – Security Lighting

HiViz Jack here! It’s week 3 of my blogs devoted to National Home Security Month. So far in this series we have covered the measures you should take to maximize Window Security and Door Security in your homes and businesses. Today we have the 4 Fantastic Facts about Security Lighting and the ways it can help protect your property. […]
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