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HiViz Safety’s Alphabet of Health & Safety A-E

Welcome to our Alphabet of Health & Safety, highlighting some of the main topics that our consultants deal with on a day to day basis and spreading awareness of some of the ways you can help your business stay compliant. This week we’ll cover A to E. Enjoy!

‘Catastrophic’ Safety Failures Outlined at the Grenfell Inquiry

It will go down as one of the most high profile Health & Safety cases in modern UK history, but the tragedy that unfolded at Grenfell Tower isn’t just a story about building regulations or protocol failures, it’s a powerful story about people, as the BBCs Tom Symonds reports. A catalogue of safety problems allowing the […]

4 Main Causes of Chemical Accidents in the Workplace

HiViz Jack here! In my line of work, chemicals are something we come across on a day to day basis and are more often than not one of the hazards that our clients have to Risk Assess. This week, is a guest blog week so we have invited Safety Storage Systems to tell us more […]

IOSH Acknowledges the Importance of Employee Health and Wellbeing

  HiViz Jack here, in a state of meditation! As we enter our third month growing our exciting new networking group the UK Business Tea Break Network on Facebook I have noticed an increase in the number of ‘Health and Wellbeing’ businesses applying to join our happy little band. And they are most welcome! Our […]

Risk Assessments Made Easy

HiViz Jack here… Today I’m going to quickly run through one of the ‘bread and butter’ topics for all Health & Safety practitioners! We love them, you need them they are ….. Risk Assessments. What is a Risk Assessment? A Risk Assessment is a process conducted to identify all the significant hazards associated with the […]

GDPR – Great Tips and Advice to Help you Prepare

HiViz Jack here! As the dealine of 25th May 2018 looms ever closer I thought I’d share with you some of the best advice I’ve seen so far on the new GDPR rules and how we can all start preparing. Digitool have put together this short but thorough video to help you become GDPR compliant. […]

Branding at it’s Best – the story of HiViz Jack

HiViz Jack here! When HiViz Safety was but a twinkle in a Health & Safety Consultant’s eye, I hadn’t even been sketched! Imagine, a life with no HiViz Jack! Unthinkable, but true. The Founder of HiViz Safety knew from his extensive years in the Health & Safety industry that there were businesses in the UK […]

How to Spring into April Feeling Stress-free, Positive and Relaxed

HiViz Jack here! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend. We did although I may have slightly over indulged on the Easter chocolate!! And that’s not really like me. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely in favour of having a treat once in a while (Toblerone is my one weakness!) but I […]

Your Special Easter Greeting from HiViz Safety

HiViz Jack here! This EASTER think how you can make your Health, Safety and Employment Law tasks, quick and easy with the HiViz Safety Online System! 6 modules, 1 low price, 0 worries!   E is for Employee Health and Safety – Answer simple online questions to automatically produce Risk Assessments, Method Statements and other […]

FREE Flood Disaster Recovery Test for Your Business

HiViz Jack here! Did you know…. …around 5 million people who live in England and Wales are now thought to live in flood risk areas, a staggering one in six homes in England is at risk of flooding and annual flood damage costs are in the region of £1.1 billion. Floods are a very real […]
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